The thinset, no one see’s it. The grout that holds them together, most try to avoid. But the tile…the tile is the main show. the decorative, the soft touch, the wear, the finish, the color, the trim, the clay, the stone, the porcelain, the concrete oh the surfaces we’d like to cover! And that’s what we are here for, but doing the things no one sees and sticking together are indeed the the roots of our company. If we were to tell this story properly we should travel briefly back to El Centro, California 1979 and somewhere in a grocery store Bob & Sylvia both working for the same employer, would get a sample platter from fate. A bond created on Aisle 7 would last an eternity and a relationship would bloom into a family. Bob & Sylvia would later move to the Coachella Valley and in 1986 Sylvia worked creatively for a tile store in Palm Desert which focused primarily on Mexican talavera and pavers. Her extensive time sourcing specialty surfaces and doing so with grace is what set Sylvia apart. She knew how to find what you wanted, who made it, its origin and where in your home it should go. Designers and homeowners from all over the country would travel to D’mundo Tile to work with Sylvia on their tile projects. In 1997 Bob & Sylvia took ownership of D’mundo Tile. Their goal was to create a thriving family business, offering the best and most unique selection of tile from around the world. Being knowledgeable, honest & hardworking behind every project D’mundo Tile takes on. Creating lasting relationships with homeowners, contractors, designers and resorts. And always believing in beautiful tile and its accessibility to your home.